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Sponsor Siamtea


Sponsorship Amount:
$36.00 / Monthly
Grade: 10
Date of Birth: 5/20/2000
Sponsorship Code: INGSH-18589

Siamtea (Andrew) is very sociable and loves to sing and dance. He is doing well in his studies and wants to be a doctor. His favorite subject is science--biology. He lost both of his parents to HIV and was in a terrible situation in an orphanage before he came to GanSabra in 2007. He is HIV+ and on ART. He is helpful around the house and very active. He is studying for exams to complete high school. He requests prayers for his studies and for his behavior to become more obedient.

I would like to sponsor Siamtea for:
$36.00 / monthly
$432.00 / annually
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