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Sponsor Gaby


Sponsorship Amount:
$36.00 / Monthly
Grade: Class PHI
Date of Birth: 9/4/1998
Sponsorship Code: GUDSA-23729

Gabriela likes to go by Gaby. She lives with both parents and three siblings. They have a family business selling pork rinds. Gaby loves to give praise and dance at church. At school, she enjoys coloring and Zumba class. She hopes to become a doctor someday. At home, her chores are to put her toys away. Her favorite food is stewed chicken and favorite Bible story is the Christmas story. Gaby has had heart surgery and has respiratory allergies. Please pray for Gaby's health, and her family as well.

I would like to sponsor Gaby for:
$36.00 / monthly
$432.00 / annually
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