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Sponsor Javier Esteban


Sponsorship Amount:
$36.00 / Monthly
Grade: Class PHI
Date of Birth: 7/24/2004
Sponsorship Code: GUDSA-22784

Javier lives with his mom and two younger brothers. His father watches him in the afternoon. He enjoys riding bikes with his dad. His interest are cars and watching videos on the computer. At school, he enjoys coloring and gym class. He hopes to become a firefighter someday. At home, his chores include mopping floor and making his bed. Javier's favorite food is friend chicken and his favorite bible story is of Noah's Ark. Javier has chronic gastritis and suffers from anxiety. Please pray for Javier's health, and his family especially for his alcoholic grandfather.

I would like to sponsor Javier Esteban for:
$36.00 / monthly
$432.00 / annually
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