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Update from Liepaja, Latvia

Well our first day of VBS is done at the Day Center. We taught the story of George Muller, a craft on thankfulness and many games. It was encouraging to hear the kids want to know more about the faith and more stories from the life of this faithful servant of Christ. There is a song with the line “I want to live like that.” whenever I think of George Muller’s story, I think to myself, “I want to live like that!”

It was encouraging to hear the reports from the team about how they were connecting with the kids, to see the teachers responding with joy to the children’s excitement with the program. One of the teachers at the Day Center gave me a note that thanked us for investing in their lives and being faithful to continue supporting the work here. He closes his letter by saying he was sorry his english wasn’t better for he would tell me these things in person, and I find myself with ever more love for this place and for these people.

We enjoyed tea at the home of Pastor Sergej after our time at the Day Center today. I would love to bring a team of men back here to help him with some construction projects around his home. This man has a heart for the Lord and desires to see disciples made in this community. The next two days will be busy as we try to cram in VBS programs, buying and delivering food to some needy families, celebrating and encouraging the workers and trying to spill God’s love into this place.

Latvia 2012
Pastor Zach

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