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Three Ways for You to Support Families in Latin America
by Ronne Rock
Posted on Saturday, June 23, 2018
Orphan Outreach president Mike Douris recounts the difficult conversation he had with a heartbroken mom in Guatemala. Her son, a vibrant young man who longed for a better future for his family, had begun the long journey north to the United States. He had heard there were jobs, even for those who worked in construction and farming. They both knew the risk involved in his decision, and she had not heard whether or not he had crossed the border safely. With tears in her eyes, she said, “I know that he could die on his way, and I know that he could be arrested once he arrives. But if he stays here, he will surely die. And I would rather him take the risk and know that he tried than to watch him be killed.”

The woman lived in a red zone in a village outside of Guatemala City – a neighborhood at highest risk for violence. Despite government efforts, safety in these neighborhoods is a constant issue. Educational and economic opportunities are often limited. Hope can seem a distant dream.


“Gallop recently conducted a survey and found that around 630 million people around the world would like to leave their homeland and move permanently to another country. Of those, about 138 million people want to immigrate specifically to the United States.

“Orphan Outreach has served in Guatemala and Honduras for more than a decade, and in those two countries alone, almost 5 million people believe there could be better opportunity for them in the United States. While moving to the U.S. may seem an attractive solution to the oppressive impact of poverty, it is not a feasible way to break the chains of poverty within those countries. The issues are complex, but the real solutions reside in strengthening communities and families where they live – providing wraparound support as needed. That’s why Orphan Outreach includes family preservation programs in its efforts to care for the physical, emotional, educational, and spiritual needs of orphans and vulnerable children.”


Working with nationals in the countries they serve, Orphan Outreach provides sustainable solutions to keep children united with their families and provide hope for a bright future. Sponsorships, humanitarian aid efforts, and long-term partnerships with churches and individuals give space for time, talent, and treasure to be used effectively.


“I’ve never forgotten the conversation with that Guatemalan mom,” shares Mike. “And I believe that the work we are doing in her country – and in the other countries we serve –says to her and her son, ‘You are seen, you are heard, and together, we can shine brightest where the world is darkest.’ Right now, Orphan Outreach encourages everyone to pray, to advocate for the rights of the poor, the orphaned, and the widow, and to say ‘yes’ to supporting family preservation ministries.”

Here are three ways for you to support families in Guatemala and Honduras:



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Only $36 a month provides a child with physical, spiritual, educational, and emotional support. But sponsorship does even more, it says, “I’ve got YOU, kid!” to a child who longs to create a brighter future for themselves and for others. Meet your sponsor child here.



From joining us on the mission field to provide sustainable care for orphans and vulnerable children, to investing deeply with one of our ministry partners to expand and enhance the work being done, there is opportunity for you. Check out our current mission calendar for upcoming trips, and contact Rey Diaz, Orphan Outreach Executive Director, for partnership details.



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