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Meet the First Orphan Outreach Agent for Change! (#ShareYourStOOry)
by Rey Diaz
Posted on Tuesday, July 03, 2018
This is a story of an incredible, faith-filled leader, finishing well. It is the story of a leader who is making an impact across the world even in retirement.

Dale White could have ridden off into the sunset and settled nicely into retirement.  He had planted a vibrant, mission focused church in the Tri-Cities.  A beacon of hope in the community, his church grew and reached hundreds of unchurched people.  He had launched countless people into ministries around the world.  Throughout his time as a pastor, his passion was for the least of these, the poorest of the poor.  At one point, his church was one of the leading supporters of World Vision in the United States.


His passion was contagious.  His son, Timothy White would also plant a church that would focus on missions to the orphan and the vulnerable.  His granddaughter, Elise (my wife), would also be impacted by his passion.  Dale would send Elise down to Guatemala on her first mission trip and short-term missionary experience.  The list of his accomplishments goes on and on.

Now in his 80s, he has left a legacy worthy of admiration.  But he is not done - not even close.

Dale told me: “once a pastor, always a pastor”.  In retirement, he would often friends over to his house.  These get-togethers turned into a house church which they now call “Fellowship of Joy.”  They sing worship songs, study the Bible, and eat meals together.  And they want to make a difference around the world.



So they reached out to Orphan Outreach.  Dale asked me about our program at Patmos Junior School in the Mathare Slum of Nairobi, Kenya.  After explaining what we do there, he said they would sponsor a couple kids.

A few months later , Dale called me again.  He asked if he can share Orphan Outreach with others.  Of course, I told him "yes."  But Dale isn't satisfied with merely telling our story; he wants an official letter that certifies him as an official “agent of Orphan Outreach.”  I tried to convince him that maybe there is a better word than ‘agent,' such as ambassador, advocate, or representative.  But he was adamant about being an ‘agent’. I smiled and gave in (albeit reluctantly), and wrote the letter - making Dale our first official agent, whatever that means.

I still don’t know how Dale did it and how the title of ‘agent’ made a difference, but somehow God used Dale to multiply the impact he is having in Kenya.  A couple of weeks later, he wanted to sponsor three more children, bringing the total to five. We were amazed.

Then a few weeks later, it was 10.  Then 15.  Now, its 20!


Sponsorship is only a piece of the story of this agent of change. Dale and his house church have raised more than $15,000 for the children.  He recently told me, "This is just the beginning."  They want to provide for a special education teacher for the school to address the needs of the children.  They are dreaming about homes and water wells and college scholarships and so much more.

Dale has done all this in retirement.  He is doing the best he can, where he is at, with what he has.  His passion for children who are orphaned and vulnerable radiates and influences others.  I was able to spend an evening with the Fellowship of Joy and it was truly inspiring.  A group of retirees who love the children, generously support the cause, and are so hungry for every detail of the program.  I spent a couple hours, just answering all their questions.  I left that meeting full of life and dreaming about the possibilities.

The Fellowship of Joy and Dale give me hope.

Hope - because God always does more than I can ask or even imagine.

Hope - because God works in mysterious ways.

Hope - because our passion for these children is contagious.

Hope - because God can use us wherever and whenever he wants.

Hope - because God can use us to impact multiple generations.

Hope - because no matter how old you are, God can use you.

And yes, because of Dale, we are launching the Orphan Outreach “Agent” program. If you choose to accept this mission, you will be used by God to make a difference in the life of orphan and vulnerable children around the world.  Contact me for details! 




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