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Obedience Brings Unexpected Blessings for new Honduras NGO Hire
by Analiz Schremmer
Posted on Tuesday, May 29, 2018
A few years ago, if you’d asked Irene Zavala whether she liked children, she would have told you no. She’s come a long way.

“When I met the Lord, I wanted to find a way to serve him in my church,” she says.”The only place where I could really serve was in the kid’s ministry. I wasn’t happy with that idea, but I really wanted to serve, so I told the coordinator that I wanted to serve God and she said, ‘Irene, you never know where God’s work will take you’.”

As time passed, Zavala started to appreciate working with children. Somewhere along the way, serving children became her passion.

“I have learned so much from the kids at my church, and I have served in the children’s ministry for, like, seven years now,” she says. “I will never forget the words of that woman: ‘You never know where the Lord will take you.’ Now I really love working with children.”


This January, God’s work took Zavala into a new position serving Orphan Outreach: missions and sponsorship coordinator with Asociación Manos Extendidas, the local NGO supported exclusively by Orphan Outreach."

Today, she will tell you that one of the things she enjoys most about her job is getting to know the kids that benefit from the ministry.

Zavala’s job involves preparing the schedule for mission teams and organizing the projects they will work on during their trip.

“I coordinate with Honduras staff and our ministry partners about needs and ideas they have for the mission teams to do,” she says. “Then I work with the missions staff in the United States to suggest ideas and see what the team is willing to do.”


Zavala’s involvement with Orphan Outreach started in 2017, when she served as a translator for a mission team. Some unexpected challenges arose, and she was given the opportunity to manage the logistics of the team in-country.

“She just stepped up and intuitively did a great job,” says Austin South, Latin America regional director. “Ronne Rock, who was leading the mission trip, told us she’d be a great hire. We had just created this position and it worked out great.”

South describes Zavala as, “one of those employees who looks for solutions rather than excuses and thinks outside the box.

“She sees the big picture but also takes care of details,” he says.


While busy with her new full-time role, Irene Zavala is also completing her studies in law. She says it’s manageable because her new job doesn’t feel like work.

“I don’t really see what I do with Orphan Outreach as a job, because, for me, it’s a service I’m doing for God,” she says.

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