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Our Father Loves (#OurFather Devotional)
by Rey Diaz
Posted on Tuesday, February 20, 2018
Matthew 6:9 - This then is how you should pray, “Our Father who is in heaven…”

One day, Jesus is praying and the disciples are watching.  After watching Jesus pray, they say, “Jesus, that was awesome.  Now, would you teach us how to pray?”

This is quite an unusual request, because these are young Jewish men who grew up praying and memorizing prayers.  They had years of experience praying every morning.  But there is something different about the way Jesus prays, something pivotal and powerful.  The disciples long for the same and ask Him to teach them the way.

And Jesus’ response?

When you pray, relate to God like this: “Our Father…

Our Father? What? Jesus calls the King of kings and Lord of lords - the Creator of the universe - FATHER? Isn’t that a bit personal? Isn’t that reducing a transcendent God into a casual, ordinary being?

Not at all.

In fact, it gives the disciples the greatest revelation of who God truly is and who they truly are.

If God is our Father, then our truest identity is this: God’s child.

There is so much in this simple phrase.  Our Father.  Intimate.  Majestic.

Our Father in Heaven.  Power.  Eminence.

Father means I can trust you.  Father means you have my best interest in mind.  Father means tender and kind, with power and authority.  Father means family.

Yes, that’s right.  The God of eternity has invited you to call Him your heavenly Father.


The difference between the disciples’ prayer and Jesus’ prayer is not substance, but an understanding of who they are addressing.  For us to become who we are truly created to be, this is the first step.

Today, who are you praying to?

Before you pray, pause.  And think about WHO you are praying to.

Our Father.

Today, how can you communicate to the children you are serving that God is first and foremost their Heavenly Father?  Imagine how their lives will begin to change when they begin to relate to God as their Father.

Practice: Take time today to pray and meditate on the following truth:

My Father is loving and gracious.  Every good and perfect gift comes from Him.  He is also all-knowing and sovereign.  He is my Father and my King.  He wants what is best for me.  He won’t forget about me.  He won’t leave me where I’m not supposed to be.  He is working hard in my life, making me become who I need to become.  He has plans for me.  I may not understand His ways.  But I can trust in Him.

Ponder these questions:

  1. When you picture God, what image comes to mind?  Does that image come from the Bible or from your experience?
  2. Is it easy or difficult to relate to God as Father?  Why?
  3. Do you easily identify yourself as being “a child of God and member of His family?” Why or why not?


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