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Big Faith - Part Two (#GrowDeep)
by Rey Diaz
Posted on Tuesday, February 28, 2017
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God is our heavenly father and desires us to have full trust in Him. But God is not just our Heavenly Father; He is also the Father to the fatherless (Psalms 68:5). One of the distinctives of Orphan Outreach is ensuring every orphan and vulnerable child we minister to hears the beautiful story of the Gospel. We want to walk alongside them on a journey to grow BIG faith.  Our prayer is that every child we serve would learn to put their trust in God. We dream of a day when the orphans love would look to God and say, “I trust you.”

Years ago, I saw the faith of an orphan grow right before my eyes. It was a younger teenage girl who had experienced unspeakable abuse for many years until she was removed from her home and placed in one of our programs. Due to the trauma, her restoration and healing was slow and unpredictable. The director told me about her ups and downs, her depression, her pain, and her struggles. She had good days and bad days. The idea of ‘trusting God’ or ‘putting her faith in Him’ was challenging if not impossible.

faith 2

On one of my visits, I shared the story of the father who didn't believe but begged God to “Help my unbelief” (Mark 9:24). I told her that one of my daily prayers is “God help my unbelief. Help me trust you.” We prayed together but she was not responsive. On my next visit, she came straight up to me and said “I prayed ‘God help my unbelief.’” It was just the first step on a long journey she will be walking along with God and with Orphan Outreach - but it was an important step. And over the years, I have seen her faith grow, slowly but surely. She is learning to trust God. And her faith is being strengthened. Her roots are growing deep. It’s a long road but God is walking alongside her.

In the novel Silence (now a major motion picture), there is a moving scene where a priest is struggling with his faith because of the suffering he is watching others experience. He is wondering why God doesn’t answer their cries of anguish. Why is God silent? This is a question I get asked on mission trips or by the kids themselves. Why?

Why does evil exist?

Why do children suffer?

Why does injustice reign?

Why would God let this happen?

Why did my family do this to me?

Why is God silent?

As a pastor, I never have the right words to say and I don’t think there is an answer that will satisfy all the questions we have on the inside. But I’ve learned to remind people - Don’t mistake God’s silence with God’s absence. God is not absent. He is Emmanuel, God with us. So for you just like for orphans and vulnerable children, God is asking the same question – “Will you trust me?”

faith 5

My church has a core value – We are all in the same boat. The idea is that no matter who you are or how long you have believed, we are all in need of a savior. And regarding faith, this is so true. We who serve orphans, and the orphans themselves are in the same boat – we all are being invited into a trusting, faith-filled relationship with our heavenly Father.

Imagine what your life would be like if you had absolute, perfect confidence and assurance that:

1    There really is a God

2   He is personal God that knows your name

3   And He will walk beside you everyday and has promised to never leave you nor forsake you.

What if you had the kind of faith that no matter what happened you just trusted God and trusted God and trusted God. And when things got worse and worse and worse, you said “God knows this is going on. He has a plan for my life so I will just keep following.”

You were totally at peace. No fear. Things are bad, but you had no anxiety.

faith 4

Why should I be nervous? Why should I be afraid? I can’t control my next breath so I will just keep trusting God who controls it all.” I trust you”

Our heavenly Father is inviting us to have that type of faith in Him as we continue to grow deep and serve orphans.



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