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Bittersweet Praises and Lives of Grace
by Ronne Rock
Posted on Tuesday, August 23, 2016
We'll let you in on a little secret. We celebrate every moment of your journey to care for orphans and vulnerable children and their families. We read your stories and share your photos. Your joy is ours too. And that's why we're sharing two very special things today - a prayer from Benjamin Weaver, and words from Annie Horrocks. Both traveled to Manali, India, with Orphan Outreach to serve at House of Grace.



Bittersweet Praises - Benjamin Weaver

Thank you, Lord, for a trip I will never forget. Thank you for the support I received prior to the trip and for the support my family received while I was away. Thank you for safe travels there and back again. Thank you for my health during the trip.

Thank you for the privilege of meeting all the wonderful people I served with in Manali, India. Thank you for people like Aunty and Joy that have created and administered House of Grace with hearts of gold. Thank you for Orphan Outreach and for people like Amy and Rey that were so wonderful before, during, and after the trip.

Thank you, more than everything else, for the time I got to spend with 80+ amazing children. These children have almost nothing compared to the rest of the Western world, but I never heard them complain. Although they sometimes fought like siblings on the playground, more often they were busy building each other up and supporting each other like the church has been called to do. They are examples of what biblical Christians should be like and I learned what it means to practice real faith in you by watching them.

Thank you for all of this, Lord Jesus. But now my heart is heavy because I already want to go back to them. I know there are other trips to other places to make. I know there are more refugees, more orphans, and more widows to care for. I know I need to stay busy discipling the people in my locality. I know my family needs to keep pouring money into and bringing awareness to ministries like As Our OwnThe Bible Project,Child of Mine CanadaDestiny Rescue, and Orphan Outreach. Somehow, though, I pray I can make it back to these children that I met and fell in love with. Somehow I pray you will let me see them again soon.

This is why I call this post Bittersweet Praises. I love you, Lord, for everything you have done concerning this trip. My heart is filled with Joy and Praises for all that you have done for your name. My heart is also heavy because I miss these little brothers and sisters so much and I cannot bear the thought that I may never see them again this side of eternity. Please let me see them again. May we have one more chance to encourage and strengthen each other. But no matter what your answer on this prayer, Lord, I know you are always good and you are always in control.


Lives of Grace - Annie Horrocks

As I think over this week, I remember the fun memories made: water fights and silly games and chai every afternoon. But I also remember the way I felt when I saw the mountain villages. I remember the way I felt when I saw the kids, and the way they treated each other. I remember the feeling in the pit of my stomach when I visited their dorm-beds and saw what little they personally owned.

I have never seen so many children so quick to smile.  They appreciate the high-fives and the pats on the back more than any other child I have met.

They have nothing, but then again they have everything.

These kids love more deeply than I have ever loved. They know the Bible more broadly than I do. They know God more personally than I do. They have the blessed life. We could look on their poverty and wish by them the basic American life, or we could give them our love - God's love - and our prayers.

I learned this week that it is perfectly OK to sing at the top of your lungs even if you sound like a dying donkey.

I learned that the best way to be content is to have nothing.

I learned how to cry with joy and sadness at the same time.

I learned how to love more deeply than ever before. I learned how to listen, too.


You see, these kids don't need our money- even though it is important and I would tell EVERYONE to sponsor a child!  These kids don't need our used clothes or shoes, although they will treasure it more than we ever did. They don't need our pity. They don't need our charity. They need our heartfelt prayers and our love, the love of Christ.

This week has been such a blessing for me and I cannot wait to return next year!



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