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A Mother’s Intuition
by Julie Cramer
Posted on Tuesday, June 21, 2016
With the stamps of numerous countries inking her passport, Lee Hageman anticipated nothing out of the ordinary when she and her husband, Paul, traveled to Kenya with Orphan Outreach in 2013. As the director of donor development at 91.3 WCSG, Cornerstone University Radio, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Lee had the chance to take 15 listeners to the East African nation.

“It was a perfect fit,” she says. “Kenya had been a country ‘on my bucket list.’ As soon as we landed in Nairobi, I knew it was a different country—busy and hectic—nothing like our airport in Grand Rapids.”

Lee Kenya 2

It would prove to be the first of four trips taken with Orphan Outreach. She remembers the dirt floors in the houses, leaking roofs, no bathrooms, one bed for four people, and no food. Yet the children were full of delight.

“How could these children with no earthly possessions whatsoever be so happy?” Lee shares. “When we did home visits, I couldn’t believe what we saw. I would go back at night to our hotel with a bathroom, clean sheets, food, and think, ‘How can this be?’ I was certainly doing some deep soul-searching. I don’t know how anyone could walk away from one of these trips and not be a changed person. Of course, I realize that I am not going to change the world, but going and bringing the love of Jesus and a little ray of hope to these people is what I want to do—even if it’s only for a few days."

Lee Kenya

Each time Lee and the WCSG teams have traveled to Kenya, the purpose has been to minister to children in Nairobi’s slums. But as the team worked together on that very first trip, however, Lee felt the reason for her attending the trip take an unexpected turn. A young woman named Lauren worked with Paul to host Bible study groups, while Lee conducted the children in songs.

“As each day went on, Paul and I gravitated to Lauren,” Lee reflects. “I connected with her at dinner and got to know her heart, personality, and where she was at in life. We would break from dinner, and I would go back to our room and I would say to Paul, ‘There is something about Lauren that I can’t pinpoint, but boy could I see her with our son, Paul.’ He agreed, and the week continued on.”

Toward the end of the trip, Lee and Paul suggested Lauren meet their son.

Lauren agreed, but did not seem to think about it beyond a simple introduction. The couple returned to the States and Lee said she was eager for Lauren and her son to meet; however, she felt God reminding her of Psalm 46:10: “Be still and know that I am God.”

In time, Lauren and Paul did meet—and they too were a perfect fit. The two married and now have one child, Wyatt William.

“Call it a mother’s intuition,” Lee says.

Lee Christmas

“Lauren is the ‘real deal.’ She has a sensitive spirit that loves Jesus. She wants to serve ?Him each day. I also learned that they are more compatible that I ever thought they would be. They enjoy so much of the same thing. Both are hard workers and adventurous. They love people and building relationships.”

Lee says Lauren is “a precious wife and mother to my first grandchild! It is a blessing beyond measure, words cannot describe it.”

Explore travel with Orphan Outreach by clicking here (we cannot promise you will find a spouse for your adult child or yourself, but we can promise a life-changing experience).

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