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"Your Love Causes Miracles"
by Ronne Rock
Posted on Tuesday, July 12, 2016
Earlier this year, we shared the story of Westport Church in Oregon - and the impact of orphan care ministry on a church and its people. But what is the impact of a church and its people on the ones they serve? A letter from Lucy at Gan Sabra HIV Home in Aizawl, India, says it all.

"If I should say how thankful I am in this humble letter of mine, I know for sure that I have to say ‘Thank You’ for a million times to every members of Westport Church over and over again. I couldn’t express how grateful I am to witness this beautiful relationship between Westport and Gan Sabra.

westport 4

"Our God works in so many ways that He provided shelter, food, school and family like Westport for the orphans. Thanks be to God!

"I hope you all know that Westport plays a very important role in the life of Gan Sabra. The kids learnt a lot from the team and these lessons, love, care and support they received from Westport worth more than anything.

"How I wish you could all see the pleasure in their faces and their sparkling eyes full of hope whenever they talk about their Westport family across the world. They felt so blessed and secured knowing that someone always pray for them and they are remembered.

westport 1

"Most of the kids can’t imagine or dream about their true parents, siblings or relatives but the sweet and kind faces of their Westport families are crystal clear for them. I want to tell you all that your Gan Sabra family prays for you all every day.

"Since we started working together for our kids I have seen much changes in each of the child. There has been a growing sense of security – that they are loved no matter what and assurance of acceptance of them as they are.

"It is such a joy to witness to their spiritual growth and journey, which has been strengthened by every individual relationship that they have with every member of the team, a journey to love. With each team’s visit and relationship that is established they grow in their trust in God, God’s love has been manifested through people like you. The team’s visit have become one of the greatest anticipation of the children, a re-union of family.

westport 3

"You yourself saw and felt the closeness and affection that we have for you, You have been an encouragement and inspiration for those of us here working with our kids. Seeing the great and deep love you have for our kids always amazed us and make us want to give more and more for them.

"To know that you are there, loving us, praying for us and knowing we can look forward to meeting you when you visit is enough reason to be happy. The Westport Church truly is loving in action and your faith in God and your love for God cause miracles in each of our lives.

"May you continue to be channel of peace and love of God. ~Lucy"

Caring for orphans and vulnerable children makes a difference - for you and for those you serve. If your church is ready to invest in the lives of others, contact Rey Diaz, Executive Director, at rdiaz@orphanoutreach.org.

(Thank you to Jennifer King for the photos, and to Lucy Maruati for permission to share her letter).


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