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Nashville Attorney Helps Make the Wheels on the Van Go Round and Round
by Julie Cramer
Posted on Tuesday, May 03, 2016
A view of Honduras from factual sources can appear bleak. It has the world's highest murder rate. It is the world's second poorest economy and 65% of it residents live in poverty. But a closer look shows something else entirely.

In the town of La Paz—a 90-minute ride from the capital, Tegucigalpa—the San Jose Orphanage offers an encouraging picture of Honduran life that informational clearinghouse websites cannot depict. In fact, what a Nashville criminal defense attorney saw there stirred him to advocate a new cause—20 children and the nun watching over them.

After serving in Honduras with his church, Chase Brown dreamed of returning and building a soccer field for children. He pitched the idea to several ministries to no avail before calling Austin South, Honduras program director. South invited Brown to join a vision trip of Orphan Outreach’s programs in the country.

“Upon our first conversation, it was evident that Chase has a heart for kids and for the Lord. He is honest, energetic, and enthusiastic,” South said. “After visiting Sister Edith and the kids, Chase was struck by how they had no mode of transportation. The kids must walk a long way to school and take taxis for the simplest errands such as to the supermarket. Chase said to me, ‘Let’s get Edith and the kids a van.’”


Brown’s path seemed destined to cross the children at San Jose. In his practice, he primarily represents Hispanic/Latino immigrants to the US. The youngest residents of San Jose arrived there because the home lives of their original families were rife with abuse and addictions. Who better to champion their cause than a well-versed attorney?

When he returned to Nashville, Brown created a short film to tell the story of a dedicated nun caring for 20 children—and their need for a van. After more than a year of fundraising, Brown had enough to send South shopping for the kids’ new ride.

“For me, this is a beautiful example of what the Lord can do through us when we are obedient to Him,” South said. “The story of the van starts with seeking out what the Lord wants and being obedient to Him. Chase first felt a tug on his heart to serve internationally. Then after coming to Honduras, he felt called to get more involved, and he did. First Chase had the idea of building a soccer field, but he held that idea loosely and was willing to change his vision according to the actual needs of the children.”

Today those children pile into the van and buckle up to travel to their public school each morning. They still need more staffers on the payroll to help care for them. They are counting on Brown having started a trend of willing servant-leaders to look closely, listen, and respond. In the meantime, the wheels on the van go happily around.

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