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"A New Sister in the Family!"

We love sharing YOUR sponsorship stories as we continue to pray that every child will be sponsored in 2016! Thank you to Kristen Scott for this beautiful story that's all about family! 

I chose to sponsor Leisi for my family this year.  The first time I met Leisi was on a trip with just my daughter, Jessa. Jessa's friend from our trip the year before had left Little House to return to family, and when Jessa found out, she was devastated.  We worked through that grief together and I reminded her that there was another child that needed her and that she would find them.

It didn't take long.  I was taking a moment to really take it all in and stepped outside to visit my favorite boulder in the back of Little House and say a prayer over that beautiful and special place. I saw Jessa with a little girl.  The girl was sad.  Her whole demeanor indicated that she was just tired.  I really can't explain how defeated she looked.  Jessa was talking to her with her limited Spanish and as I watched I saw Jessa lean down to her height and just take hold of her in a big hug.  This hug wasn't just a hug, it lasted a very long time.  I watched for over a minute, as Jessa continued to hold this girl tightly. The girl was not responding, hands to her side, just standing and letting Jessa hold on.  After several minutes, the little girl began to smile and relax.  When Jessa finally let go, Leisi smiled, nodded at something Jessa said to her and off they ran to play.

The next year we returned and again Leisi and Jessa, with other girls as well, were inseparable.  I always laugh, because we went back the next year to teach the girls to sew pajamas and to paint and to build a chicken coop, but Jessa never seemed to be working when I looked for her.  She would always sneak off and spend every second she could with Leisi and the other girls.  We all have our talents!

So, now Leisi is a part of our family through sponsorship and we told her so.  We told her she can't get rid of us and we will be praying and thinking of her everyday that we are apart.  We know a little of her story and the troubles she has seen in her short life, but I also know that a hug, a real, proper hug can speak volumes and change lives.  It has changed our lives to be so lucky to have a new sister in the family!

Let's make sure every child is sponsored. It's as simple as you - plus one. Sponsorship changes both of your lives forever. Find your sponsor child now!


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