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"God planted a seed in my heart."

Throughout February, we're sharing YOUR sponsorship stories. Today, meet Amy Pearce!

I knew that my husband and I would be changed forever by our first mission trip together to Honduras in 2014. However, I didn't know how God would grow our hearts deeper in love with Him through His children through sponsorship.  

Before we were to head off to Honduras, God planted a seed in my heart that it would be beautiful to see all the children at the San Jose Orphanage sponsored.  As I shared this with our missions group one evening, while we were there they too felt God calling their hearts.  We talked about the way we can impact these kids lives through mentorship through the years, and how each trip we make year after year makes such a stronger impact through the letters sent keeping in contact. We also talked about how full sponsorship at the orphanage gives Sister Edith opportunities to really provide more for these beautiful children.  By the time we got back to the United States, the San Jose Orphanage was fully sponsored.  God showed His work through us.

For my husband and I, it was first the sponsorship of sweet Celia (10) and then came  spunky Marisol (5).  As I would write, send photos and stickers to them, I did not really understand the connection I was creating with them - until we went to visit again this last October.  Celia never left my side and would be holding my hand, arms around my waist, sitting by my side, and of course always smiling back up at me. And spunky fun hilarious Marisol continued just as we left off last time we saw each other, laughing our hearts out as we played.  She would seek me out just as much as I would seek her out, as much as possible! Bonds that I am excited to see grow stronger and stronger through the years as they grow up to be young ladies.

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And then there is experiencing first-hand how sponsorship makes a difference financially. We could see the help that Edith has been able to receive in healthy meals that best aid the children in growth, administrative support, assistance in a psychologist to help with the children, medications, clothing, school tuition, school books, school uniforms, etc.  The children from these things have grown leaps and bounds.  These 21 children can be the change for Honduras, breaking the chains that once bound them and seeing the light of God into their future.  

I often encourage those that ask us about our trips and sponsorship that they too can make a difference.  They don't have to go on a mission trip to make a difference in a child's life, they can start with something as small as sponsorship to show a child love and hope.  My prayer for 1016 is that all the children of Orphan Outreach are sponsored. 

We love that prayer, Amy, and are praying it too! We want every child to be sponsored - that's what our PlusOne campaign is all about! Meet the kids now! 


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