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Orphan Outreach Declares "We all Have Burdens and God Gives us Strength"

At present there are more than 163 million orphans around the world. Tiffany Taylor Wines, Director of Marketing at Orphan Outreach, describes their situation: "The children we work with experience unimaginable tragedies and are often victims of violence, extreme poverty, sexual abuse, physical and psychological trauma, trafficking and malnutrition. These children count on everyone reading this article to make a difference in their lives. Every one child saved will impact the countries they live in."

Founded in Christian religious belief, Orphan Outreach began work in 2007 to "...provide expertise, programs and funding, which meet the physical, spiritual, emotional and educational needs of orphans and vulnerable children around the world," says Taylor Wines. Working in Guatemala, Honduras, India, Kenya, Latvia, Russia and the US, "Orphan Outreach serves more than 5,000 children annually by providing intervention, education and humanitarian aid. We develop and support programs that prepare children for a fulfilling, independent Christian life in their community."

5793-ImageLarge-orphan-1Individuals, businesses and churches can partner with Orphan Outreach, says Taylor Wines, "to serve these children through child sponsorships, humanitarian aid, prayer, advocacy, improvement projects and mission trips."

Mission trips can be short-term, lasting 6-10 days, or longer summer internships. Volunteers can find upcoming trips listed on the website and fill out an online application. The mission trips are always challenging but volunteers find their lives changed and enriched. Taylor Wines says "...the biggest blessing always comes to those who serve orphans. I hear time and time again how the mission trip actually change those who travel with us even more than the children."

Volunteers who are unable to travel can help the mission trips by hosting collection drives for much-needed school supplies, socks and clothes for the children. Another way to volunteer with Orphan Outreach is through their support auxiliary WOW. In 2009, a group that traveled on a mission trip to Guatemala formed a North Texas auxiliary of Orphan Outreach, called Women for Orphans Worldwide (WOW). WOW has funded two orphanage schools in Guatemala, as well as urgent medical expenses. WOW also hosts an annual December Christmas lunch and Guatemalan market.

Orphans Outreach partners with orphanages that look after some of the most vulnerable people in the world. Surprisingly, this is where hope lives, as these words from children in an Indian orphanage attest:

"All of us are equal, the least is great, we all have burdens and God gives us strength."

"I have been through much. And I may be facing worse problems in the future, but God is teaching me that everything is possible through Him."

"I want to care for the poor."

"I want to teach others about HIV so they'll no longer be afraid."

"I want to be an actress, so I can act out real life struggles so that others will understand."

"I have been abused, and I now want to show others how to forgive those who have harmed them."

Orphan Outreach would love to have people join them in they mission. Taylor Wines concluded "Join us in celebrating the Father's heart for orphans and vulnerable children. Together, we can speak up for the poor and helpless. Together, we can see that they get justice."

This article appeared on Texas Homes For Sale and was written by S. Mathur

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