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His Education is Now a Gift to Others
by Ronne Rock
Posted on Tuesday, August 25, 2015
His perpetual smile is contagious, and to the children living at House of Grace in Manali, India, Anand Lal is a bit of a super-hero. The boys see him as a role-model - strong in faith, successful in career, selfless in love. The girls see him as the type of man they'd like to marry someday - caring to his wife, protective of his 2-year old son, and committed to faith and family.

Anand and his wife, Tsewang Dolma, are at the House of Grace almost daily, encouraging the kids and the staff. He manages the finances at the Rainbow School and also has his own accounting practice in Manali as he prepares to study for his CPA exam. As a nurse, she tends to scrapes and tummy aches, and cares for the children and staff needing medical attention at a local hospital that keeps its doors always open for them.

For those who visit Manali, their story is one for the ages. Anand was born in Nepal, and Tsewang was born in Ladakh. Both orphaned as children, they were sent to House of Grace to live with Auntie and her loving team. They sang at morning devotionals, ate meals, and attended classes at Rainbow School. Both found their hope in Jesus Christ and committed their lives to serving Him well. They were part of the special family in the children's home, and they were content. That is, until 10th grade.

Anand blushes as he shares what changed in his life that year. "As a rule, we are not supposed to date until we graduate from high school. But I knew I loved Tsewang when I was in 10th grade. I never shared my feelings with her or anyone else, but I was praying that - when we were older - she would say 'yes" to my proposal for marriage."


Anand and Tsewang continued their studies, and like a growing number of children at House of Grace and other children's homes supported by Orphan Outreach, pursued college degrees so they could then be people of Godly influence in their communities. "I began my studies in accounting and tested well. Once I graduated, I let my feelings be known. And she said, 'yes.' She loved me too."

Anand and Tsewang married in June of 2012. They asked that the ceremony be at House of Grace. It was a large celebration, and Auntie was mother of the bride.

The couple now encourages their younger brothers and sisters to follow in their footsteps. They know education is essential to opening doors of influence, not only in Manali, but in cities and villages throughout India.

Anand knows his life at House of Grace has provided him more than safe shelter. He was given dreams, family, and hope. Because he was given an education at Rainbow School, he's watching his dreams come true.

"I am so blessed, and my words are not sufficient. The greatest blessing about living in the home is that I came to know Jesus as my Lord and Savior. And then I was able to share the Gospel with my whole family in Nepal who was Hindu – and now my entire family loves Jesus.

"I’ve been offered more money to work at other schools and businesses, but I am called to be here because I can give and serve here. The Lord says it's more blessed to give than receive, and I get to give here to the staff and to the children. As soon as I receive my CPA, I’ll be able to do even more here – like auditing and such. I am eager to complete my studies so I can do more. I have to go to Delhi now for the two years of final studies and the two months of training. My wife will remain here to serve as a nurse, and I’ll come home on the weekends to see her and my son."

Though Anand is eager to begin his studies, he knows the journey won't be an easy one. He now must raise funds to finish what he has started, but he is confident. "God's grace will help me. He will provide."

House of Grace

When Anand thinks about the children now living at House of Grace and attending Rainbow School, he prays they will remain faithful in their studies and that they'll be provided what they need to follow in his footsteps as their big brother.

"My prayer for them is that first they know Jesus as their Savior, and one day when they move out of the home, they will be the light of the world and the salt of the world. And that they would know from within their hearts the privilege and blessing they have been given here by Auntie and so many others, and they would use that blessing to be a blessing to others."

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