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Jimmy Wayne “Shines” at the Children’s Hope Dinner
by Tiffany Taylor Wines
Posted on Tuesday, April 21, 2015
Jimmy Wayne, country music singer, songwriter and author, returned to the Children’s Hope Dinner on April 16, 2015 for the debut of a video about his recent trip with Orphan Outreach to Guatemala. Jimmy shared his inspirational story of growing up in the foster care system. His testimony is chronicled in his recent New York Times best-selling book, Walk to Beautiful. Jimmy has never forgotten what it feels like to be homeless and without parents. In his role as an advocate for vulnerable children, Jimmy has become a valuable partner of Orphan Outreach. When he traveled to Guatemala, he visited orphanages and shared his testimony, becoming a source of hope and inspiration to the children.

Childrens Hope Dinner 3

At the Children’s Hope Dinner, Jimmy told the record-breaking crowd of 350 that, “the pain I felt growing up homeless pales in comparison to what I saw in Guatemala.” He continued, “I can tell you that growing up as I did I am very careful with where I donate my money. I feel confident that your donations to Orphan Outreach are going to make a huge difference in the lives of these children.”

Jimmy Wayne’s song “Shine” and footage from his mission trip was the basis for the video that debuted at the event. The video recently won an award at the Worldfest Film Festival. The crowd at the Children’s Hope Award was able to see and hear the difference a mission team can make for the children Orphan Outreach serves.

The evening also honored the 2015 Champion Of Hope Award recipients Dr. Carlos Barcelo, Dr. Jorge Corona, Dr. Shai Rozen, Dr. Timothy Trone and Dr. William R. Trawnik. These five amazing men have worked tirelessly to provide life-changing facial reconstructive surgery for Gersi Ordonez, an orphan from Guatemala. This inspiring story of selfless compassion is currently being chronicled on Univision.

The highlight of the evening was the speech by the 2015 Children’s Hope Award Recipient, Cindy Brinker Simmons. A dedicated philanthropic activist, business woman, speaker, and author, she was honored for her life-long devotion to serving others, including the more than 18 orphans and vulnerable children that Cindy and her son William sponsor and consider part of their family.

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“There are children from all corners of the world waiting for someone to give them hope,” said Brinker Simmons. “Love is a powerful tool. For those children who feel unwanted and unvalued, sponsorship lets them know they are worthy to be loved. It transforms their lives and the lives of the sponsor.”

The evening raised more than $110,000 for the ministry of Orphan Outreach. Plans are already beginning for the 2016 Children’s Hope Dinner.

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