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Children's Hope Dinner Honors Advocates Supporting Children in Need

April 16th's second annual Children’s Hope Dinner benefiting Orphan Outreach will bea joy-filled evening featuring a performance by New York Times best selling author, acclaimed country music artist and child advocate Jimmy Wayne, and honoring philanthropic activist and Children’s Hope Award recipient Cindy Brinker Simmons. Receiving the esteemed Champion of Hope Award, four local surgeons are being honored for their heroic efforts in helping Gersi Ordonez, a young orphan woman, smile again. The event supports Orphan Outreach’s unique programs providing vulnerable children around the world with basic survival needs and education.

“We are excited to celebrate this year’s Children’s Hope Award recipient, Cindy Brinker Simmons, and other honorees for their tremendous work impacting the lives of less fortunate children,” said Michael Douris, Orphan Outreach president. “With approximately 163 million orphans needing help around the world, this event is supporting our mission to provide for their critical needs, allowing them to attend school, receive a daily meal and, ultimately, lead full, hopeful lives. The proceeds from each ticket purchased for this event is making a tremendous difference, providing six children with vital resources for a month.”


Cindy Brinker Simmons, dedicated philanthropic activist, business woman, speaker, and author, is being honored for her life-long devotion to serving others, including the more than 18 orphans and vulnerable children that Cindy and her son William sponsor and consider part of their family.

“There are children from all corners of the world waiting for someone to give them hope,” said Brinker Simmons, founder of Wipe Out Kids’ Cancer and co-founder of Levenson Group. “Love is a powerful tool. For those children who feel unwanted and unvalued, sponsorship lets them know they are worthy to be loved. It transforms their lives and the lives of the sponsor.”

Guests attending the Children’s Hope Dinner benefiting Orphan Outreach will be the first to view a captivating video being unveiled of author, child advocate and musician Jimmy Wayne’s experience working with children supported by Orphan Outreach in Guatemala. The video showcases his encouraging personal story of hope and his inspiring song dedicated to the organization. Growing up a former foster child himself, Wayne has walked halfway across America to raise awareness for children in need and recently authored his New York Times best-selling autobiography, Walk to Beautiful.

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 “Growing up a child without parents or a home at times, I can personally testify to the value and impact this organization has on the thousands of children it serves,” said Wayne. “I am honored to be a part of the work Orphan Outreach is accomplishing. Serving alongside others in Guatemala was one of the most inspiring experiences in my life, and I can only hope everyone takes the opportunity to support these children who are often victims of violence, extreme poverty, sexual abuse, physical and psychological trauma, trafficking, malnutrition, and other unimaginable tragedies.“

Other advocates being honored include a team of men in Dallas who volunteered to perform life-changing facial reconstruction surgery for Guatemalan orphan, Gersi Ordonez.  Dr. Timothy Trone, Dr. Carlos Raul Barcelo, Dr. Jorge Corona, Dr. Shai Rozen, and Wm. Randall Trawnik are among those who are receiving the Champion of Hope Award for their partnership with Orphan Outreach, providing a new life and new smile for a courageous young girl.

This event would not be possible without event co-chairs Susan Griffiths and Dee Velvin, honorary event chair Carol Seay and event founder Jimmy Westcott. Thank you to the entire host committee; and all the dedicated volunteers committed to passionately pursuing a world with less orphans.

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