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Jubilee School Helps Students by Challenging Parents
by Whitney Williams
Posted on Tuesday, June 16, 2015
The Jubilee School in Honduras has a message for parents: You are vital to your child’s educational success.

It’s a new idea for many moms and dads in the area, but it’s one one they’re coming to accept and even get excited about, thanks to Jubilee’s parent workshops.

“The goal is to get the parents to get involved 100 percent in their children’s education, and that they can become that complement that we, the teachers, need to fulfill our teaching objective, which is quality,” said School Principal Claudia Velazquez, who launched the parent program in 2013.

The program now boasts eight workshops a year on a variety of topics. Last year the most popular classes—committing yourself to your child’s education, conflict solution and management, and family self-evaluation on the factors that affect learning and school success—each had more than 80 parents in attendance.

jubilee 1

Other topics included self-esteem, forgiveness, and family violence prevention, with the school bringing in a local Christian pastor for some of the talks.

“After implementing the parent program, we’ve not only seen an increase in parental involvement, but we’ve also observed that the children are more enthusiastic, and achieved better results in homework presentation, attendance, and neatness in presentation,” said Velazquez.

The school looks to continue the program this year, but needs financial support to make it happen, their main expenses being invitation cards, information bulletins, and coffee break supplies. As always, your monetary donations to Orphan Outreach go straight to our international ministry partners, like Jubilee School, to support quality, on-the-ground programs like these.

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