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Open heart, Open Home, Open Hands
by Whitney Williams
Posted on Tuesday, August 04, 2015
Ten years ago Immaculate was born to a single parent in the slums of Kenya. To make matters worse, she had a deformed right leg and skin infection. This year she received medical attention for the first time in her life, thanks to Tom Wekesa, a Kenyan native, who acts as Orphan Outreach’s hands and feet in the country.

The perfect partner for Orphan Outreach's ministry, God gave Tom a heart for orphans long before he even considered it as a ministry.

For Tom, it was more like baptism by fire.

In 2005, Tom’s sister passed away, leaving her 5 year-old son, Keith, without a parent—but he didn’t stay that way for long. Tom, a bachelor at the time, brought Keith under his wing. Six years later, Tom married Maureen, also an orphan who had been raising an orphan—her youngest brother, Johnstone - since he was 6 years old.

Keith and Johnstone, still in the Wekesas’ care, are now teens. Joining them are their two little brothers, Ahadi (3) and Yobel (1), Tom and Maureen’s biological sons.

tom face

“God has continually showed me the need to care for the orphaned and vulnerable children,” said Tom, who knows first-hand about the vulnerability that can come to needy children in a developing nation full of economic and political instabilities, food insecurities, and bad governance (he grew up in Western Kenya as the eighth child in a line of 12 with limited resources).

But thanks to Orphan Outreach’s support, says Tom, there is hope.

“With the great support of Orphan Outreach our ministry partners have managed to address the needs of our area significantly by insuring access to basic education and medical services and initiating, providing for, and sustaining school building projects, feeding programs, teachers’ salaries, and income generating projects.

“Now they have hope, which brings joy to my heart.”


Adding to Tom’s joy is Immaculate, whose hope lives on despite her dire circumstances thanks to his advocacy and the resources he brings with him through Orphan Outreach. Tom has provided ongoing support for Immaculate and her mother, even organizing a doctor-requested biopsy for Immaculate to determine what medication will best address her condition. This month, long-awaited medical supplies have arrived for Immaculate's care. And it will be Tom who delivers them to her home.

“Every New Year my wife and I have an overnight prayer session and one of the things that we pray for constantly is for God to expand our ministry work,” said Tom. “True to His word (Jeremiah 33:3), He answered by connecting me to serve with Orphan Outreach.”

We would love for you to join Orphan Outreach in Kenya! We're now looking for medical professionals and caring volunteers to be part of our medical mission trip in 2016!

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