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Sponsorship: Ultimate 'kwid preu 'kweu'
by Mike Douris
Posted on Tuesday, February 17, 2015
The term ‘kwid preu 'kweu’ now spelled ‘quid pro quo’ appeared in Latin first and English in the 16th century meaning literally, “getting something for something”.  It is used in diplomacy, economics and in modern day slang meaning - I will do something for you if you do something for me.


What does this have to do with sponsorship?  Sponsorship is the ultimate quid pro quo that has eternal benefits for the giver and the child.  It is an example of how the church was designed to work and its fruits are stored in heaven and reflected in the lives of all parties involved.

The given is that most people can afford $36 a month. The question is:  Is it money well spent and will it make a difference?  Lets examine!
  • The sponsorship of a child builds a relationship between a believer in Christ and a child in need of a Savior.  Ministry is about relationship!
  • The money of one sponsor is combined with all the other sponsors to enable a ministry to meet the needs of a community of children.  Without those resources those needs most times would not be met.  The church is a body of believers who work, as one in unity to accomplish Christ will!
  • The believers, who sponsor, support believers in another country who are serving sacrificially to make an impact for Christ.   It is an encouragement of God’s provision in their lives to know He is providing through His church to expand the Kingdom through their sacrificial service.
  • It is a means for a believer in the USA to see the Lord use their faithful giving to make a difference in a child’s life and experience the amazing power of the Lord, which grows the sponsor’s faith and relationship with our Savior.
  • Finally and most importantly it glorifies the Lord as He shows His power through His church to proclaim His name in the miraculous work He accomplishes in the lives of all involved.  The gift of salvation and the love that makes it possible is a miracle beyond comprehension.

Sponsorship is the ultimate ‘win – win’.  For a relatively small amount – a person can have a profound impact on a child, which has eternal results both on the life of the child and in the life of the sponsor.

One month. One purpose. Make sure every single child in our Orphan Outreach ministry programs in Guatemala, Honduras, Latvia, Russia, Kenya, and India are sponsored. We need you to make this a reality - you plus one child, your church plus one orphanage - your community plus one community. Will you join us to make 2015 our +One year and sponsor a child today? 

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