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Through an Orphan’s Eyes
by Mike Douris
Posted on Tuesday, September 30, 2014
I have many books recommended to me to read about orphan care, foster care and adoption and there are a lot of good works available – probably more now than ever before as the movement in the church expands to care for the orphan.

You can pre-order this book now at Barnes and Noble.
The book will be released October 7th.

1919634_10152652638264529_3289666644242133091_n 10341566_10152652638509529_8631511246402685135_n 10552384_10152652639229529_649652417830218647_n 10553614_10152652639769529_6938992634547158790_n jimmywayne-mstThis year I had the privilege to get to know Jimmy Wayne - a very talented country musician with a powerful testimony of how a family made an investment in his life that changed him forever. Jimmy performed at our Children’s Hope Award Banquet in Dallas and gave his testimony to a riveted audience. After the banquet we got to know him better and asked if he would go on a trip with us to Guatemala to visit the kids we serve. We saw firsthand his big heart for children.

Before the trip Jimmy sent me an advanced copy of his book and I wanted to read it before the trip. Busy as I was at the time I kept putting it off and as the trip approached I decided to start reading it. After lunch one day I thought I could get a few chapters done before going on to some task I needed to get done. I read the book in 4 hours not stopping for a break – it was that compelling and well written.

Jimmy told me during his life he has kept daily notes in his journal and even kept receipts. When it came time for him to write the book he had everything documented – the detail is vividly reflected in the book. Combine detailed recall and a great writer in Ken Abraham and you will see why I highly recommend this book to anyone but especially to those who care about the orphan.

In writing a review you want to be concise and I gave some thought to what is the take away from the book besides the harrowing stories of abuse, neglect and abandonment he suffered. For me, it was seeing the hand of God in the midst of the horrifying experiences of his life. At critical junctures the Lord brought an individual into his life that gave him hope and showed him he was valued and loved. It was a teacher, a friend, and Russell and Bea Costner; an elderly couple who took in a total stranger and gave him not only a home but believed in him and accepted him – all of him - without any conditions – except go to church and cut your hair!

This book reinforces James 1:27, that the church is the physical representation of the love of Christ. Caring for the least of these and being available to give of yourself is how Jesus reveals Himself. Jimmy saw Jesus through the lives of those who cared for him in those critical times and it is what brought him to faith. There are no shortcuts and easy answers - there is only sacrificial love. Because of a faithful few, Jimmy is now impacting the lives of thousands of children in the foster care system by being their voice to inspire others to be those faithful few who will make a difference in one child’s life.

Read this book – it will give you a glimpse of an orphan child through their eyes and you will never see these children in the same way again!

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