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LunaPads Pads4Girls program

LunaPads (a company that produces sustainable feminine products) is partnering with Orphan Outreach to provide starter kits to female students at the Madeleine Centre in the remote Kenyan village of Bungoma. These kits will be used in conjunction with a special class the young women will receive on how to care for their bodies as they mature. Each girl will be given a LunaPads starter kit.

Through their social impact program, Pads4Girls, LunaPads provides girls and women in developing nations with cloth pads and underwear. The company shares:

Lack of access to menstrual products affects millions of girls in the developing world. As many as 10% of school aged girls miss school because of it. The effect of these missed days is devastating, with girls missing up to 20% of their education, thereby increasing the likelihood of dropping out, earlier marriage and pregnancy as well as limiting career options.

The solution is simple; provide school girls with washable menstrual pads and underwear that will last them for years. Providing reusable products means the burden of purchasing products each month is removed and the environmental devastation that thousands of disposable pads would have on the landscape is alleviated.

The special cost of each starter kit is $15, and the team from Orphan Outreach is hoping to raise enough money to take a minimum of 25 kits with them to Kenya later this month. Tax-deductible donations can be made directly on the LunaPads site in increments of $10:

All donations made until September 8th will be allocated to Orphan Outreach. Our Kenya mission team will be documenting the trip and sharing stories and photos of our time with the students at Madeleine Centre, so you’ll meet the girls you’ve helped!

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