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Discovering a New Part of His Heart
by Alina Ellis
Posted on Tuesday, August 26, 2014
I felt the weight of twenty-three tiny hands covering my head and back as I knelt on my knees in the small room at Gan Sabra HIV Home. The children had all gathered to pray for us before we began our journey home but, the low ceiling made it impossible to stand up straight. The was the same exact posture I was in just a year before—when God showed me a new part of His heart and called me to serve His orphaned children.

Before that day, the topic of orphans was always just that—a topic. It was sad to know that there were so many orphans in this world, but their plight was not something that demanded anything different from me in my daily life. Until one day, a story of one little boy brought me to tears. Little did I know that this child’s story began a change in me that would redirect the course of my life.

To make a long story short, I was in a regular worship service when, in the middle of the song “Hungry” by Kathryn Scott, I sensed that God was asking me to go on my knees to worship. I tried as hard as I could to fight this inclination out of fear of drawing attention to myself. “This is unnecessary,” I thought to myself. “I can worship just as well standing up just like everyone else.”

Before I knew it, someone on stage interrupted the song and spoke some encouragement: “As we worship, I just want to make sure everyone here is giving their very best to God in this moment…” If it wasn’t clear enough already, I realized that I was hindering the Holy Spirit by not being obedient. I was not offering God the very best of my worship. Relentlessly, I fell to my knees.

As soon as I surrendered, I was overcome by the presence of God in a new way. The best way I can describe it is that it felt like my heart had literally turned over in my chest. God was showing me a part of His heart that I had never seen before—a part that so deeply loves each and every one of his children – specifically, a part of Him that loves those who are orphaned. I have never experienced this deep affection before, and I knew I would never be the same after this.

God was calling me to serve his children that are orphaned—to care for them, to love them, and to serve them. I realized that this wasn’t a calling that I could have received while I stood up tall and proud; but instead received while bowing down to the Lord’s will and laying down my own desires in order to take up His.

At first, I wasn’t sure what that was supposed to look like, but through a series of events, the country of India was also laid on my heart. So I did what any other person would do — I just googled, “orphans in India.” The first thing that came up was the website for Orphan Outreach. As I scrolled through the ministry’s website, I discovered an opportunity that almost perfectly fit the description of what God had been stirring in my heart.

I was accepted to be an intern in an orphanage called Gan Sabra in the Northeast part of India during the summer of 2013, and it has been the most incredible thing I’ve ever had the opportunity to experience in my 22 years.

After I went to India, I thought I had fulfilled my calling; little did I know that this step of faith was only the beginning.

Currently, I have been given the privilege of interning in the office of Orphan Outreach in Plano, Texas, where I’m learning the ins and outs of planning mission trips like the one I went on last summer. I’ve learned so much and have loved serving with the staff here. The time I’ve spent here has confirmed that God has called me to serve and love His children, and I want to be able to give Him the very best I can give.

2 Timothy 1:9 tells us that God, “…hath saved us, and called us with a holy calling, not according to our works, but according to his own purpose and grace, which was given us in Christ Jesus before the world began.” (KJV)

God doesn’t call us on account of our “good works.” Without the saving grace of Jesus Christ, we would be nothing. Yet, He still calls us.
He calls us for His purposes; because of the good plans He has for all of His people.
When we give Him the little we do have and the very best of our worship, He is able to use it all for His glory.

So what has he called you to do? Sometimes the calling starts when we are willing to go on our knees in surrender.

Written by Alina Ellis

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