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A Library Built by Prayer
by Ronne Rock
Posted on Tuesday, August 12, 2014
Some of the most profound miracles are quiet, slow ones. In fact, they might slip by unnoticed by the crowds. But slow, quiet miracles are powerful. And for the more than 200 children attending Jubilee School in La Era, Honduras, they are life-changing.

The little school is tucked away in a gang-ridden section of town in what’s considered one of the most violent nations in the world, and the directors and teachers have been providing protection and nurturing care for each of the students since 2010. Orphan Outreach joined the Jubilee School as a partner two years later, sending teams and provision to the children and caregivers. The partnership has been transforming to the community, and the little students are thriving.

Friends of the Jubilee School read about the tragic death of one of the teacher’s husbands in an Orphan Outreach prayer email. “They asked, ‘what might we do to bring beauty out of the pain?’” shares Austin South, Orphan Outreach Director of Programs for Honduras. “People in the United States – including people who had never before visited our country – chose to pray. And that prayer inspired action.”

A team of individuals in the US asked what might be needed at the Jubilee School to educate and empower the students even more. They heard from Emily Romero, director at the school, that a few books had been collected but there was no place for them to be used by the children. Her dream was to have a library. But both funding and space were issues at school. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The team of prayer warriors in the US asked the Lord how they might honor the teacher’s husband and help the school. Austin recounts what happened next. “That prayer led to the people building a library – and then meeting the very children and teachers they had been serving through prayer.

"What’s unique about the library is that there are actually FOUR of them at Jubilee School. The building is small, and every room is full of kids. Repurposing on of the rooms would mean removing classroom space. But the Orphan Outreach team didn’t let that stop them. They designed mobile library kiosks that can be placed in each classroom. The libraries go where the kids are – it’s such a great idea. The children get to check out books and help the teachers keep the kiosks organized. They learn not only how to read, but how to be responsible.”

As the campus grows over time, the kiosks will be moved into a central location that will also be used as a study space for the students. “Individuals and families rallied together in the US for the kids in Honduras. KLTY-FM organized a partnership with a Spanish radio station, and an additional 250 books were collected. And people can still be part of our little libraries here. More books are needed – especially multiple sets of grade-appropriate book series - like the Chronicles of Narnia - so entire classes may study together.”

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The little students were invited to attend the dedication so they could hear the story of why the library existed, and the importance of reading – using their God-given imagination to learn and grow. “There were gasps of joy and such huge smiles. There’s not been a big emphasis on reading in public school. Reading and reading comprehension are not priorities in Honduras, and even private schools here don’t have libraries. But at Jubilee School, life is changing for the children. The long-term benefit for the children and the school is immeasurable.”

And the students weren’t the only ones attending the dedication. The Orphan Outreach mission team was there too, experiencing first-hand the miracle born out of a simple prayer request for comfort in loss. “For me personally, the testimony of this entire dedication of the library and the husband dying – this is a testimony of how interconnected we are when it comes to prayer. We’re one big family. We are connected. We are community. And death is not death. It’s not the end. We are still family when we are united in the Lord.”

If you’d like to know more about donating books to the Jubilee School library, let us know. And your sponsorship of a student from the Jubilee School ensures they have supplies and resources to continue their education. Meet your sponsor child today! 

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