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Getting to the Root of the Unaccompanied Minor Stories

I learned a few years ago that when forest fires occur, that although the fires are put out on the surface, many times the trees are actually still on fire under the surface, at the root.  Forest fires can experience “hot spots” when the tree catches fire again, because the root was still on fire and was not completely put out.  In order to completely put the fire out, you have extinguish the fire at the root.

Similarly, the issues going on right now at the US border with children from Central America trying to come into our country illegally, remind us that to address the problem we must not only put out the fire above the surface but we must address the root of the problem.

clint-tallAs I watched the recent news about the humanitarian crisis along our Texas border, I have been taken back to my week in Honduras in early June.  Since that trip, I am a firm believer that if we want to address the issues plaguing the Central American countries, a real solution is helping provide comprehensive Christian education for the children in these impoverished neighborhoods.  I have seen the results first hand.  A solid Christian education is one way to help put the fire out at the root!  Education can help change the lives of young people, thus helping to change a country, one child at a time.


You might have asked yourself, what can I do to help the crisis of violence and poverty in Central America?  You can help by supporting the work of Orphan Outreach and its programs in Guatemala and Honduras. You can sponsor a child or help build a permanent school for the Jubilee Christian School I visited in Honduras. Your donation will change the course of children and a country.  Will you join us?

By Clint Lewis, a Senior Account Executive at KLTY radio in DFW, recently returned from a family mission trip to Honduras with Orphan Outreach. He had these reflections on the trip and the unaccompanied minor crisis.

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