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It's a Beautiful Day

After a great morning of travel along the winding roads over mountains and around volcanoes, we arrived in Xela and were welcomed warmly by our precious friends at Little House of Refuge. Every visit there is a testament to God's grace and goodness, as He continues to care so richly for Lourdes, Teresa, Yomi, Basilio, and the children.

Because of the wonderful contributions we received from family and friends, we donned our gloves and grabbed our shovels and planted avocado, cherry, and lime trees. We've still got 20 more trees to plant! Just think of it - an orchard at Little House! God is good. So very good.

While the moms were shoveling dirt, the daughters on our team were getting their hair done. Trust me, it was ministry in the purest sense. The girls at Little House are being trained in hair and makeup, and our wonderful gals happily shared their tresses with the trainees. There was laughter and plenty of "BEAUTIFUL!" compliments shared. Again, God is good.

We ended the day with a little quiet time with the kids - games, puzzles, and reading as the clouds crept over the mountains and filled the valley below us. Seeing the kids again tomorrow will be a joy!

Take a few moments and peek at the photos from the day!


Tomorrow, we'll spend the day at Little House. We'll begin the day by serving those who serve the children so well. Some of the team will be teaching ESL classes while the rest of the team will prepare lunch for kids and adults, do laundry, and any other chores that might be needed. Then we'll spend the afternoon finishing up our tree planting and playing with the kids. You better believe there will be good kite flying and a soccer match or two. AND we'll celebrate the birthday of Brian, one of the great kids at Little House! Please pray we get sweet sleep tonight - we just arrived at the hotel after a long day and evening, and everyone is still full of energy. Pray for continued unity, and for sensitivity to needs both seen and unseen. Pray for great opportunities to have good conversation with the kids too!

Your words of encouragement lift us and fill us with strength! Thank you for them and for the prayers!

Ronne and the team

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