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"And they held all things in common..."

Our team awoke to beautiful sunshine and the promise of a very powerful day. At breakfast, we asked that the Lord would let us see what we had in common with those we served. And then, with a bus full of groceries and games, we drove to Chimaltenango.

We could see the smoke and dust long before the road wound to the gates of the Ravine. For the families who spend their days sifting through refuse in the hopes of finding something - anything - of value, the dump on the outskirts of town is life. And today, our team found life there too, in the faces of the men and women who so graciously received prayer and bags of food. There were tears and smiles. And we held all things in common. One team member said, "As soon as we drove up and I saw the women working, I felt the connection - we're moms, and we all want what's best for our children. We want our kids to have a better life than we've had." Another team member noticed the young men playing soccer in the rubble. "We all want to have fun with our friends. What kid doesn't want to relax and play?"

We said our goodbyes and drove to the Ravine School, where more than 100 children are now learning math, english, science, and computer skills. We had heard that the older kids needed games for rainy days - and with the help of so many of you back home, we delivered two duffels full of great games. The kids sang for us, we passed out bibles, and then we spent a little time just having fun. Again, we held things in common. There was the passion of the teachers who sacrificially give of their time, the commitment of the parents to make sure their children attend school even when the days are difficult, and the dreams of the kids who now see the world as big and bright and full of God-breathed opportunity.

This afternoon, we traveled to San Lucas to see the tiny faces at Amor Del Nino. There wasn't a pair of empty arms to be found - we held sweet babies, danced with toddlers, and comforted the little ones who were having a hard day. It was so hard to say "farewell" to the beauty tucked away on a quiet hill away from the noise of the city.

Tonight, we're resting. Tomorrow, we depart for Xela where we will serve at Pequeno Refugio (Little House of Refuge). Tomorrow afternoon, we'll begin planting an orchard (again, thanks to your wonderful support), work with the older girls in beauty class, and fly kites with the little ones.

Please pray for safety as we travel into the mountains. Pray for continued health and unity. Pray our eyes will be opened to see need, and our hands will be ready to help. Pray that, as we serve others, we will ourselves be transformed by grace.

Thank you for your great encouragement! We love your notes!


You can read about the moms of the Ravine here: http://www.orphanoutreach.co/media-resources/newstory.asp?pageid=2651

You can see some photos from the day here:

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