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Honduras Family Trip Reflections
by Katherine Cheng
Posted on Saturday, June 07, 2014
Honduras, 2014. This was not a trip I expected to be on. This was not part of my plan for this year.  Yet the Lord called me.  My wonderful wife and my best friend stepped aside from her plan to go, so that I could answer that call.  So why was I called?  For me, I think this trip is about learning to let go. It is about letting go of my plans.  It is about letting go of my ideas.  It is about letting go of my things, my time, my desires.  It is about trusting in the Lord first and in all things.  This theme has really emerged in the last week.  It is as if the Lord is telling me to trust in Him, that His plans are better than my own.

God provided almost 900 lbs of soccer gear and books for this trip.  We shipped this down to Tegucigalpa a month ago with the expectation that it would be available for pickup before we arrived.  As of today, it is still in customs. I don’t know why, but I now find peace in the knowledge that this is in the Lord’s hands.

I am by nature a planner.  I like to set things in order and attack them systematically.  Mission trips do not work that way.  Throughout the day, I have been reminded that this is not my trip. This is the Lord’s trip. It is all going to be for His Glory. By my weakness His strength will be revealed.  Everything we do should be for the Glory of our Lord and Savior.
Proverbs 3.5-6 has been the verse that has been on my heart through this day, "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight."
Michael E.

Today we got up bright and early to get on a flight to Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Once we got there, we had lunch at a restaurant with Emily, David, and Austin. Emily and David are the wonderful couple who founded the Jubilee School. Austin is our trip leader through Orphan Outreach. After we ate lunch, we went to El Picacho statue or the Jesus statue at a national park. We looked at the beautiful city of Tegucigalpa on the mountain where the statue is and then prayed over the city. We prayed for God to do his work through us and to help us be a light in this city. We hope that you will pray the same for us. Thanks so much for all the support and prayers for safe flight here.
Natalie E.

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