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Our Westport family is back!!!!!
by Uma Shankardas
Posted on Wednesday, March 26, 2014
A very tired team from Westport drove into the courtyard of the new GanSabra home, in the evening. A very special and warm welcome by the very excited kids as they stood in line with welcome signs. My heart is filled with Joy as I witness how the kids so joyfully and warmly embrace yet another team from 'their Westport family'. Proudly showed us around their new home, and lost no time before they sang a bunch of new songs and recited new scriptures they have learned.

I amazed to note that just a couple of years ago these kids could not utter a word of English (they still proudly sung in Mizo), and here they were singing with ease new and happening gospel songs and choruses. Praise God!!!

We spent the last hour just hanging out with them which included a game of cricket (in the room!!), goofy stuff, some of us getting the signature GanSabra neck and shoulder massage, and chatting.

What a great start to a week here @ GanSabra with these kids.



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