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Heavy Hearts
by Amy Seale
Posted on Tuesday, March 25, 2014
This morning the staff and students of Jubilee School in Honduras woke with heavy hearts to the news that Joel, the husband of new Fourth Grade Teacher Profesora Karol and father of fourth grade student Josue, had passed away. Joel has had a heart condition since birth and has defied all medical odds, living until his 30th birthday. Please keep Joel's wife and two sons, Josue and Santiago (pictured above with Joel) in your prayers. Please pray for his sister Gabi, who is also a Pre-K teacher at Jubilee School, as well as family and friends.

Joel was known as the "angel" of the hospital, sharing the good news of his Savoir to other patients while he was in and out of the public hospital. Hundreds of brothers and sisters have been rallying around him praying for his complete healing. God's ways are mysterious and its easy to question why it sometimes seems that the Lord takes away His best instruments.

Karol_y_Joel(Pictured above: Fourth Grade Teacher Karol with husband Joel)

A few weeks ago Joel approached me and expressed how grateful he was for Jubilee's ministry, for jobs for his sister and wife, for this ministry opportunity for them to serve, and for a quality Christian education for his son. He was beaming with joy and thanksgiving.

This morning I just happened to be skimming through a stack of papers that our 4th graders wrote a few weeks ago.  On the top was Josue's name and near the bottom of the sheet he asked for prayers, "que mi papa sea curado," that my dad would be healed.

Pray that the Lord would redeem brokenness and tragedy in a way that only He can.

In Christ’s Mighty and Powerful Name alone,
Emily and David Romero

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