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Teacher to Teacher
by Julie Cramer
Posted on Thursday, April 03, 2014
Two hundred students clamor into Jubilee School each Monday, eager to learn. On their way, they pass houses strewn loosely together with corrugated metal and scraps. Moto-taxis, buses, cars, people, horses, and chickens clog the roads, the dirt veins that form the heart of the poor neighborhood on the outskirts of the country’s capital, Tegucigalpa.

Jubilee is a private school, where parents can pay a fee on a sliding scale. The average tuition costs between $5 and $8. Often the parents make less than $5 a day, selling tortillas, cleaning the streets, working on buses, or selling handmade goods.

Orphan Outreach has come alongside Jubilee, and we offer consulting, strategic planning, and support through resources, short-term mission teams, and month-long interns,” Austin South, director of Honduras programs, said. A new aspect of support began in January, when two Spanish-speaking teachers from The Potter’s House School in Grand Rapids, Michigan traveled to Honduras to host a training for 10 of Jubilee’s teachers, with Austin and his wife.


Kathy DeJong was one of those teachers.

Raised by missionary parents in Mexico and Sri Lanka, Kathy followed her parents’ career path. For 15 years, she and her husband began Christian schools in the slums and sugar cane plantations in the Dominican Republic.

“I was blessed to visit Honduras for the first time,” Kathy said. “There is a part of me that felt like it was sort of a homecoming since I feel more comfortable in Latin America than in the United States.”

Emily Romero—who runs Jubilee with her husband, David—graduated eighth grade at The Potter’s House School. That is how she knew Kathy and her colleague, Aubree Cantral. She spoke with their school’s superintendent about building a relationship between Jubilee and Potter’s House, and that’s how Kathy and Aubree came to board a plane with one of the most infamous airport landing strips in the world.

“They talked a lot about establishing a culture of prayer, with family and children who know who God is and who they are too,” Austin said. “They helped the teachers think through how they want their school culture to be and what steps they can take to achieve that.”


“At the end of our workshops, we walked up a mountain together and sat in a circle,” Kathy said. “We each brought an object that symbolized something precious to us. The Jubilee staff shared from their hearts some of the trials and challenges in their lives. They were transparent about their heartaches and also how God has sustained them through all the tough times."

“Jubilee is a wonderful school with a dedicated staff. They love the Lord and desire to shine the love of Jesus in the lives of some of the least of these in Tegucigalpa. We were blessed to share, teach and learn with our sisters and brothers of Jubilee and Orphan Outreach.”

If you would like to support the teachers at Jubilee School, click here for more information, or here to donate now.

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