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A Calling To Serve Orphans

Serving orphans was a dream of mine, something that burned deep inside me, something I had felt was my calling for years. I finally had the opportunity to go on a mission trip this past December, along with my boyfriend, who was inspired by my passion for wanting to help and decided to join me. Traveling to a foreign country and meeting new people whom I had only spoken with on the phone or through email was scary at first, but the second we walked into the hotel the night we arrived a warm feeling came over us and we had instant friends. Having never been to Guatemala before we immediately felt at home.

The first day we traveled through this amazing country, all I could think about was how I couldn't wait to come back again. The hugs from the kids, the smiles on their faces, and those eyes. Big brown eyes full of love, sadness, happiness, pain, but most of all hope. Seeing the happiness and gratitude from people who have so little was inspiring. The experience was life changing in ways you can't describe. We feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to serve God with Orphan Outreach.

Written by Amber Ployhar, Missoula, MT (pictured above with JR Conniston)

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