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Baby Moses – a reminder of God's Love

On the night of his birth, Baby Moses was placed in a plastic bag to be discarded with the trash. He was born to a drug and alcohol addicted woman who makes and sells alcohol in a small store in the area. When a heavily intoxicated man came into her store to purchase additional alcohol, she handed him the plastic bag containing Baby Moses and asked him to throw it away. He never realized a newborn baby boy was struggling for life inside.

On his way home, the man stopped by a friend's house and dropped the bag outside the front door. His friend thought he heard something in the bag and opened it. Inside was sweet Moses.

"Though my mother and father forsake me, my Lord will receive me." Psalms 27:10.

Moses was just one of the many children the team from Westport Church in Hillsboro, OR met when they sent back-to-back teams to Aizawl, India to serve at the Gan Sabra Children AIDS Home this October.

"I can't explain the emotions of holding a baby in your arms and feeding him his bottle and rewinding his story in your head," said Orphan Outreach mission team leader Renae Niebergall. "He was supposed to die. He was thrown away. But now he is safe being loved and saved by God."

His initial testing shows that he could have HIV. He will have another test at 18 months to finally determine if he does.

"And then there are the older children," adds Niebergall. "Unlike the little ones, they know their stories. When asked what makes them angry they say when people gossip about us and don't see past our disease. They live with huge burdens but sing to God like nothing you've ever heard."

Thankfully at Gan Sabra the children are learning about the God who saves and are clinging to the home in Him with everything they have.

"My prayer is that we can help them see the beauty they have," concluded Niebergall. "They are not defined by their disease but they are defined by what God created them to be — beautiful and loved."

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