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Help Send an Orphan Back to School

Have you noticed? The aisles of big-box stores are becoming as packed with school supplies as a 64-count box of Crayolas.

“Back-to-school” season is here, a time when U.S. children fill their backpacks with binders, pencils, and calculators, and stand outside on the first day of school, listening for the hydraulic hiss of their yellow bus coming to a stop. In other countries, millions of orphans miss out on this simple joy of first-day jitters. If they cannot afford uniforms, supplies, or backpacks, they cannot go “back” to school. They cannot go to school at all.

Orphan Outreach’s Mission Backpack Campaign lets you help change all that! By donating $20 today, you can provide a child in Guatemala, Honduras, India, Latvia, Kenya, or Russia with a brand new backpack stocked with pencils, binders, paper and more. Or, if you’re a more hands-on giver, stuff a few backpacks and drop them off or send them to our Plano, Texas office. We’ll be sure to get them into the hands of children who will be overjoyed to simply go to school.

Click here to donate a new backpack and school supplies to send an orphan back to school.


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