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God, The Great Provider
by Whitney Williams
Posted on Thursday, May 09, 2013
When Luisa Sicay lost her husband in a tragic accident seven years ago, she questioned how she could ever provide for the needs of her young family.

What would the future look like for her daughter, Sefora, who was just two at the time? What would they do? Where would they be?

It didn’t take long for Luisa to realize that her True Provider was still very much alive.

God first gave Luisa’s hands the ability to weave, and the single mom now uses that gift to create and sell beautiful, traditional Guatemalan garments from her home.

Next, He provided an educational scholarship through Orphan Outreach for her daughter, Sefora, giving her the opportunity to attend school. And not just any school—a safe, happy, Christ-centered school Luisa could have never afforded on her own—Good Shepherd Christian Academy, a school with which we proudly partner.

The list of blessings could go on and on. But perhaps the most valuable gift God has given the family is His peace.

Sure, life gets hard at times without her husband by her side, Luisa admits, but the family trusts that God is with them, and they are so thankful for all He’s done—thankful, too, for Sefora’s sponsor, someone just like you who wanted to make a difference.

“God has been faithful,” Luisa told our Guatemalan coordinator, Cesar Eguizabal, through tears. “Maybe we don’t have a lot, but God has provided for every single need—we aren’t missing anything.”

The beautiful, 9-year-old Sefora is now in her fourth year at Good Shepherd. Not all children in Guatemala are able to attend school, much less a quality school like this one. Luisa overflows with thankfulness to God and Orphan Outreach.

Find out more about our sponsorship program, and how God can use your generosity to provide for families like this one, by clicking here.


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