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Love in the Flesh
by Whitney Williams
Posted on Saturday, November 10, 2012
The kids at Gan Sabra AIDS Home gathered anxiously on the small, sunny balcony hours before our arrival.

“Americans? Coming to see us? The outcasts of society, the neglected, the infected?” Sudden warmth rushed through each child, their hearts communicating to their minds a foreign idea: “We must be special!”

The kids at Gan Sabra had never met an Orphan Outreach team before—most had never seen an American.

We became instant friends with the staff and kids, who began to share their personal stories of what brought them to Gan Sabra. Stories revealed painful memories: small, shabby hut homes that smelled of death as AIDS-infected mommies and daddies withered away. Stories of abuse, neglect, sadness … no clothes or food. But now? A nice home, food, brothers and sisters to play with …

How quickly they fell in love with each of us, and we with them.

"We've never experienced this much and this kind of love before,” the children gushed to Lucy, the home’s director. “No one has ever loved us without discrimination or judgment, not even our own families." Tears of joy filled our eyes as Lucy shared the children’s thoughts with us on the way to the airport.

Her own thankfulness spilled over into an email, which I received once stateside:

"Thank you for everything! Thank you for all the love you have for us. You brought so much joy, love, and happiness into our lives."

This wasn’t the first time, of course, that we at Orphan Outreach had heard “thank you” from Lucy and the kids at Gan Sabra. They’ve always expressed their gratitude for the financial and prayerful support of Orphan Outreach, as do our other programs, but there’s just something special, something different, something wholesome about love in the flesh …

You’ll know it when you feel it.

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