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Found in Translation
by Whitney Williams
Posted on Monday, November 05, 2012
If you’ve ever traveled to another country and tried to speak the language, you know that many things get lost in translation.

Kentucky Fried Chicken, for instance, found this out the hard way in the late-1980s when their slogan, “finger lickin’ good,” translated to the Chinese community as “Eat your fingers off.” Ouch!

Yet, with all that is lost in translation, we at Orphan Outreach have discovered there is also much to be found in translation – like Cesar Eguizabal, 22, and Julia Oseida, 23. Now staff, both of them started in 2008 as translators for our mission teams.


Born and raised in Guatemala City, Cesar, who loves soccer, ping-pong, tennis, and running, is especially passionate about photography and film editing. In 2009, he applied for a scholarship to attend film school in the U.S., and was accepted, but because he wasn’t offered a full scholarship he decided to continue his studies Guatemala.

Dreams somewhat crushed, Cesar was left to wonder what God had in store for him. After a few years of studying, working a part-time job, and translating for Orphan Outreach, God’s plan seemed to fall into place before Cesar’s eyes. On a trip in March 2012, Orphan Outreach offered Cesar a full-time position.

“Everything I went through was to bring me here to do what I love doing and what I’m passionate about,” Cesar said. “I know that I’m here because of God’s grace and love.”

Cesar currently serves as the main line of communication between Orphan Outreach and the ministries we support in Guatemala. He makes sure that all the funding gets to each program and oversees any projects we have going on at the time.


Julia, like Cesar, was also born and raised in Guatemala City. By the end of her first trip as a translator with Orphan Outreach, her calling from God was clear: she was to help the people of her country come to know Him. “I was hooked,” said Julia.

Two years later we hired on Julia full-time to coordinate and plan all of mission trips to Guatemala. She also takes care of the day-to-day administrative details there.

Julia is currently working on her bachelor’s degree in communications and media, and in her leisure time she enjoys movies, music, and good books.

“Every day I thank God for the opportunity that
He has given,” Julia said. “To be used daily by God
to help people in need is just incredible. This is
my purpose and I am ready to fulfill it.”

Lord, we pray today and every day that Cesar and Julia would look to you for direction, purpose, and fulfillment. Lord, bless their work in Guatemala, and give them the opportunity to see the fruits of their labor. And Lord, we thank you that these two were not lost, but found, in translation. Amen.

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