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Dios te Bendiga. God Bless You.

A group from Tabernacle Presbyterian Church were  some of the first people to meet Lourdes, Teresa, the staff and the children of Little House of Refuge after Orphan Outreach President Mike Douris said a resounding "yes" to partnership with the children's home in Xela, Guatemala. Josh Allen reflects now on what he's learned as he's returned again and again to the place that holds his heart. 

Tears of Love

We are thankful for Renae Neibergall's beautiful insight as she serves at Gan Sabra in Aizawl, India. Take a moment and allow her words to sink deeply into your day. 

A Call to Obedience

Oftentimes, we wonder what the long-term impact of short-term missions is on those who journey with Orphan Outreach. Amy Haroff shares her story of a life forever changed by one week. IMG_4534 Have you ever fallen in love?  I don’t mean with a person; I mean with a people, with a culture. I first fell in love with the people of Latin America in 1996 when I studied abroad in Mexico. The flame was fanned in 2000 when I vacationed in Costa Rica and then again in 2008 when I spent four months serving in Mexico.  My love kept calling me back, and in 2012 and 2013 I went on week-long mission trips to Guatemala through Orphan Outreach.  The thing of it is, after that second trip, I came home with an unsatisfied heart.  One week was not enough.  I knew without a doubt that God was calling me to go for more than just a week or a few months.  He wanted me to go for a whole year, and he had been preparing me for this possibility for quite a while.

Rey Diaz Joins Orphan Outreach as Executive Director

The first thing you notice about Rey Diaz is his ever-present smile. No matter where the journey takes him, from impoverished communities in Kenya where family preservation and education is the priority to orphanages in Central America where Orphan Outreach ministry teams are ensuring vulnerable children are given hope through safe, secure, Christ-centered care, his smile offers comfort and encouragement to everyone he meets.

Sasha's Heart for His Own

Sasha Elichev understands orphans firsthand because he is one. Born in a small town on St. Petersburg’s outskirts, Sasha was the middle child—sandwiched by an older brother and a younger sister.

Jubilee Family Team Update

Day 3- First day to visit Jubilee School: What I did not see today was luxury cars, manicured lawns or nice houses.  What I did not see today was an orderly drop off line, perfectly clean and pressed uniforms, or a beautiful campus.  No frantic stay at home moms or professional dads.

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news and events

Mission Trip to Latvia • October 22-31

Join us as we travel to Latvia to minister and share the love and hope of Christ to children at the Day Center in the Naval Port near Liepaja. This trip is open to individuals across the United States. The team will be serving during the children's fall break when they are out of school and will have an opportunity to minister to families of the community. Click here to learn more.


news and events

We are very excited that more than 260 people attended the 5th annual luncheon to hear what a difference the WOW auxiliary is making for orphans and vulnerable children in Guatemala. Most thrilling of all, more than $50,000 was raised to help with the needs of the children in 2014!

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